One of the city’s landmarks, Piraeus Tower, is aiming at LEED Platinum, the highest level of the most widely known green building rating system. In addition, it will be certified as a WELL building, a certification concerning the well-being and good working conditions of the users.

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Improving instead of meeting

In our effort to fight climate change, special emphasis is given to the reduction of both the embodied and the operational carbon footprint. Driven by the inherent desire to substantially reduce Piraeus Tower’s environmental footprint and to improve people’s lives, we are adopting a holistic sustainable approach through “greenovation” and state of the art health & well-being practices. Every m2 reflects our commitment towards environmental protection, improving the health and wellness of people and supporting economic growth. Sustainability is about meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own. For us, meeting is not enough; we prefer improving the lives of current and future generations.


Health & Well being


Energy Efficiency

Renewable Energy

Optimum Indoor Air Quality

Smart & Digital

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Whole-Lifecycle Approach

Rain Water Harvesting

Biophilic Design

Innovative Recycling

Increased Daylight & Views

Sustainable design

Piraeus Tower consists of a structure that is visually intriguing and incorporates strategies in order to drastically reduce the energy consumption of the building. The design mediates the scale of the city and that of the tower, engaging the prospect of offering amazing exterior spaces and sharing breathtaking views. The façade’s overhang system is a result of an ambitious sustainability and energy conservation strategy. Upon a meticulous solar study, the vertical and horizontal louvers of the Tower are calibrated in order to reduce solar gain on the façade by 45%, resulting in a substantial reduction of the overall energy demand of the building.


Location & Transportation


Sustainable Sites


Water Efficiency


Energy & Atmosphere


Material & Resources


Indoor Environmental Quality




Regional Priority

Sustainable characteristics

  • icon Circular economy / Embodied carbon reduction
  • icon Reducing carbon footprint through photovoltaic panels
  • icon Looking forward - Electric vehicles infrastructure (100% of parking spaces!)
  • icon Reducing transportation’s carbon footprint through great access to public transportation
  • icon Recycling more than 5000m2 glass of which a proportion will be installed as new glass in the project
  • icon Reducing 45% indoor potable water consumption
  • icon Covid-eliminating philosophy
  • icon Maximizing energy efficiency (complying with the strictest global energy standards)
  • icon No touch WCs, water fixtures
  • icon Maximizing indoor air quality (complying with the strictest global air quality standards)
  • icon Maximizing daylight
  • icon State of the art anti - Covid and purifying technology
  • icon Incorporating biophilic design
  • icon Maximizing views
  • icon Sustainable Wood
  • icon Constantly monitoring and optimizing indoor air quality and thermal comfort parameters
  • icon Using recyclable materials
  • icon Energy efficient shading
  • icon Hosting sustainable tenants
  • icon Efficient artificial lighting (LED)
  • icon 1000 square meters vegetation irrigated by smart digital system with 100% rainwater
  • icon Constantly educating tenants/ Visitors promoting sustainability
  • icon All electric all digital
Our strategy is a transition from the “already mastered green building development” to a “holistic sustainability approach.”
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Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is the most widely known green building rating system used worldwide. Piraeus Tower will be the first high – rise building in Greece aiming at the highest level, Platinum. In addition, as quick responders both to the pandemic crisis and at the same time by being aware of the major importance for increased peoples’ health and well-being, the project is pursuing WELL certification which is the leading tool for advancing health and well-being in buildings globally.

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